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First of all, congrats on the job!

How can one maintain a habit of constant learning for lifetime?

I think a change of perspective might be useful here. Instead of trying to "maintain a habit of constant learning", ask yourself what you're interested/passionate about.

It will come way more naturally to you because you'll be genuinely curious about the subject. Also, reading tech blogs/news will keep informed about trends and new tech.

What sort of strategies have you adopted for learning new stuff?

By building stuff. I found this to be the best approach personally if I want to learn about new things. Chatbots, calculators, blogs, anything you want. After building that try using containers, try to streamline deployment (CI/CD), etc...

How do you develop a sustaining stamina?

By not blindly following the hype. The JavaScript world (react, angular, vue, node, etc...) moves very fast, and you'll feel overwhelmed quickly if you split your focus between all that stuff.

Instead focus on the principles like patterns, scalable architecture, and maintainable code.


Reading tech blogs is something that I do on weekly basis.

About the hype, it's really difficult not to get attracted to it. Trying to move against the current (even if it temporary) makes me feel a left out.

CI/CD is something that I can do.

Thanks for the descriptive answer and congrats!

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