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Discussion on: The most simple stack to create basic CRUD web app with users?

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Martin Omander

Here is what I recommend, based on your experience, requirements, and optimized to get you a working prototype quickly.

Front-end code: plain vanilla JavaScript or Svelte. Why? Stick with what you know. You can always learn a new framework later and add it if you want.

Back-end code: none. Why? You said that you want to minimize your DevOps work. Less back-end code equals less back-end work.

Authentication: Firebase Authentication. Why? You can copy and paste their JavaScript code into your client. It lets your users log in with their Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc accounts. Also, it plays nice with Firebase/Firestore. (It uses JWT under the hood, but you don't have to deal with the tokens yourself).

Data storage: Firebase/Firestore. Why? The data is stored on the server, so your users can switch devices and still access their data. But you don't have to write any server-side code. You can configure Firebase/Firestore to let all users read all Notes, but only write their own Notes, for example.

Hosting: Firebase Hosting. Why? You don't want to deal with server configuration and setup, CI/CD, Docker, etc. You just want to get the HTML and Javascript working on your local machine, and then deploy it to a public URL in the cloud, with a single command.

All products mentioned above have generous free tiers and work well together. The last app I built using these products was able to support thousands of users per day under the free tier. It all depends on your app's usage patterns of course, so you should read up on exactly what's included for free before you make your decision.

Sounds like a fun project. Best of luck!

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I have a site on this now for a client demo. Sorry, can't share it :(