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Youtube Subscribers

YouTube is an open social media platform created by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley & Steve Chen in February 2005; later in 2006, it was bought by Google. The purpose of YouTube (read here) is basically to serve the interest of both parties. Now, who are both the parties?

The first one is the Creator or the Youtube Channel (read more) Content Creator who makes videos either for entertainment purposes or for educational purposes. The second part is the one that watches the videos or the content of the Youtube channel (check here), they are the viewers.

Now, among the viewers, there are two categories, the first category is that one who watches the videos but does not subscribe (check for more) to the channel. The second category is the one that subscribes to their channel.

Subscription here means that those categories of people will be notified each and every time the content creator uploads a new video or goes live on his / her YouTube Channel (visit here).

The question here is what the benefits of a subscription to a YouTube Channel (visit for more) to both the parties (Creator & Subscriber) are. The creator has a lot of importance - a need for subscribers. Having a large base of subscribers is equal to a bit of the money they make from YouTube.

The creators also have their motive for choosing YouTube; some do it for fun purposes, and for some it is business, those people choose YouTube (for more information) as a big career opportunity. And for the others its starts as a fun thing but seeing that growth (if they achieve), it turns out to be a business.

To have a large base of subscribers (For more info), here are few ways to increase them :

  1. Consistency and Creative - Posting videos continuously or just regularly updating your Youtube channel (learn more), putting some fresh (out of the box) contents in a way attracts a lot of people towards them.

  2. Holding Giveaways - One way to attract people is by just announcing some kind of giveaway and rewarding them for their efforts and taking out time. Being grateful to them is what makes a strong subscriber base (get more info).

  3. Creativity in Annotations- The title of the video is what attracts new people to watch them and one should be creative in choosing a title, so as to make sure that there are new people watching it out (find out more).

  4. Requesting/ Simply Asking people - By just being genuine and asking people or making a humble request for people to like, share and subscribe (know more); there are some people who would actually do it.

For the subscribers (More Details), it is a way to connect to the creator, which they can if they are consistently watching, commenting and sharing their videos. For the creators who give notification shout outs to their subscribers, it becomes a great way to connect to their favourite You Tuber.

There are other ways as well, participating in all kinds of contests or simply by checking out the live updates they can also get featured and can earn rewards.

There are also some YouTubers who surprise their subscribers (Further details) either by sending them gifts or by visiting them, hence that turns out to be a good opportunity.

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