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Discussion on: How to organize your components using the Atomic Design

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What if one day You will decide to use some Bootstrap component instead of simple input? Or some other component library like Vuetify? Having this seperation gives You a freedom to do it very fast and easy. This is the point of having own abstraction.
By the way iconButton could be considered as molecule which cosists of button atom and icon atom ;)
Naming stuff well is hard and if You can put some system in place for that it can payoff in a large long term project. It is very easy to go wrong with component spliting. I have seen it many times. So if you think that things will never change think twice.

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Adinan Cenci

Then that day I will have to revise the code, native html or component. Way to overcomplicate things

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Giuseppe Sanfrancesco Author

And that day you'll have to search and replace it in the whole code. ;)