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I particulary liked the last part. I was kind of scared of pushing myself out to the community. I am very much like candidate "b" probably with considerbale less experience. I have only worked 2years Freelance and less than 4 months remote. I couldn't even get an internship in my locality just last month.

But within the first month I started writing my confidence has grown. I feel a part of the community. Taken a lot of feedbacks. Many people followed my tutorial. I have closed 1 amazing offer and have another one in hand. Its an amazing turn around in less than a Month.

Maybe my employer saw my article or not, I have no clue. I was asked about Redux, I said I had no clue because I barely started learning React. I told the interviewer that I knew Hooks and Context instead. He was excited to talk about it. Because I had written an indepth tutorial about it, just days after learning. I had a thorough understanding of what I was talking about . That helped me greatly in sealing the offer


Man - this is awesome 👌 I LOVE to hear stories like this!

You've proved that even putting in the extra time to learn stuff on the side (that's relevant) can really help! I'm really excited for you 😊


Thanks @james . Reading articles from folks like you who take the time to do it was inspiring to me. I am glad I started and growing little by little.

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