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Discussion on: Python3 + GTK+3 + Glade + Templates = <3

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Cyber Author

It’s really poorly documented. But there’s a pull request with some documentation waiting to be accepted...

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I just made my very 1st python GTK app and I have to agree with you, the documentation is poor. And it’s such a great shame, as the tooling is otherwise so great! I love Glade!

I had to dig up answers to my guestions all over the planet, but eventually found everything I was looking for.

I have planned on making a blog post of some of the things that were difficult to solve (because of the documentation), so hopefully someone finds it helpfull. I never understood that one could contribute the documentation as well?

I also wish there would still be build windows binaries for the GTK, I never got Zeep working in MSYS :( But with windows was a snap. I am new with MSYS as well.

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Naufan Rusyda Faikar

It's good to know that! I actually have read the source code, but couldn't realized what the Callback is for.