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Discussion on: How to get an engineer job in Silicon Valley as foreigners?

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Gunnar Gissel

I've avoided paying for premium linkedIn and sending inmail by just adding the recruiters to my network. Instead of the generic "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn," I put a quick note about why I want to connect. After they accept the connection, LinkedIn messages are free.

No worries, it's always very interesting to hear about what other people do, and where they are in their career.

I would not discount your abilities. If it was so easy to write all that stuff, everyone would do it! To me, you sound like you'd probably match with any of the following: "frontend developer, backend developer, fullstack developer". I imagine there are more. The question is really what are you interesting in pursuing?

It's also worth saying, resumes and job interviews are not the time for modesty. You want to be honest, but it's ok to swagger

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Kay Gosho Author

I didn't know we can avoid paying for it! I can pay some money for my career but hacking LinkedIn seems to be interesting itself:) Thank you for sharing.

Oh really! I always tend to blame myself as "There are a lot of people who have a lot knowledge on <any language, frameworks, ...>". Currently I am interested in Frontend dev. I can pursue JavaScript world. I will try such jobs.

Fortunately I have an American friend who can advise my resume.
I will improve my resume with her!