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Discussion on: Who are your favorite speakers?

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Gunnar Gissel

In no particular order:

  • Adam Bien gives a heck of a demo and has deep, deep knowledge of Java
  • Ward Cunningham is pretty interesting; he's got that spirit of the open internet
  • Heidi Waterhouse gives a heck of a talk. I've mostly seen her talk on documentation and representation in tech, but they've been great.
  • Andrew Clay Shafer is very lively, and has interesting opinions on devops
  • Brad Frost can talk your ear off on why you should spend time on design, and how to do it
  • Kelsey Hightower is a top notch speaker who does Kubernetes demos that seem like wizardry, but goes beyond the tech
  • Sandi Metz gave a talk that made a lot of things about refactoring, oop and coding click for me - I was impressed
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Marcelo Alves 🐙 Author

Great suggestions! Sandi Metz was one of the first I thought of but she's booked the week we're planning the summit 😢

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Pine Apple

Love Sandi Metz :) I only watched her videos, never been in person, but was very good!