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From Crypto Valley πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ to the World

Understand why Monnos is in Zug Switzerland.

Monnos is not a sudden project, from the moment we have chosen to position ourselves with a global product and compete on an equal footing with the big ones in this sector, were nights, dawn and days, studying the market, shaping and analyzing alternatives. product modeling, developing technology, validating the scale of this infrastructure, attracting great people and so on. Every entrepreneur knows that it is not easy.

Throughout this study we were faced with the need to be confident of bringing our lives into a perennial project, we needed legal and regulatory certainty for what we were creating and investing all our knowledge and money into.
Thus, we began the study of the understanding of where, in the world, we could have greater legal and regulatory tranquility to explore the possibilities that crypto-economy brings. We saw renowned places like Silicon Valley in the United States, Tel Aviv in Israel, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and others.

The Zug city β€” Crypto Valley

Of all the sites analyzed, none showed more positive aspects than Zug in Switzerland, now known as Crypto Valley. This region has had a very interesting position with initiatives involving crypto and Blockchain, the first topic that attracted us is a very clear regulation of how our business model is treated, all very objective, very little subjectivity, and where clarity does not exist, the regulatory approaches with open mind to search for a framing format or even β€œsandbox” for analysis.
Our perception is that in Switzerland the government has already understood that this is the future and that setting up frameworks will attract highly skilled and innovative companies and entrepreneurs from around the globe, as well as generating jobs and catapulting the region’s economy.

Crypto initiatives

At Crypto Valley, there are now more than 50 initiatives involving Crypto or Blockchain, and the analogy they make is that the same exodus from tech companies in the 1970s and 1980s to Silicon Valley is happening to Zug for crypto.
Another appreciation is that there are countries around the world that are seen as Crypto Friendlys They are receptive to crypto and therefore less restrictive and more encouraging to innovations in this area. Therefore, being positioned in Switzerland, and especially in Zug, is strategic to our model and brings safety to the users and to us who are undertaking in such a new segment.
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