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Monnos Fund Shield - Crypto Protection

Meet the Crypto Protection Fund by Monnos.

Monnos has been innovatively positioned on many fronts within the Crypt market, but one that we highlight most is our proprietary fund — MONNOS FUND SHIELD.
By identifying diverse occurrences within a rapidly evolving market, such as hacking attacks, exchanges that fade with private wallet management keys, and other unexpected situations, we have created a proprietary fund that aims to protect users’ resources.

Fund Composition
The composition of this fund will be the cumulative allocation of 2% of our monthly gross revenues, plus 5% of our total funds raised in our Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), expected for November / December -2019. In addition to this composition, 80% of this fund will be stored in COLD WALLETS (crypto offline storage alternative) and 20% will be managed by our specialists aiming to increase these amounts.
We know that this format may not be enough to cover any kind of situation that arises, but it already clearly demonstrates the seriousness we take as an institution positioned in the midst of crypto. Come and try our beta solution.
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