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Sync Strategy — The Core of Monnos

Understand what it is and discover the power of our core functionality.

When the theme CRYPTO is raised, people usually think it is too complicated, that is something still distant and that will take time to become a reality applied in people’s daily lives. Caution! You may be surprised, recently facebook signaled an intention to launch its own blockchain infrastructure and cryptocurrency — LIBRA, which would be made by itself and viable and preferably traded by Wallet Calibra.

In addition, currently, the volume of resources in the crypto-economy already represents 0.58% of the total volumes added of the 10 largest STOCK EXCHANGES in the globe.
When you start using crypto you will see a new world opening up, the sooner you start experiencing it, the better it will be to understand its real potential. In order to empower those already dealing with crypto, as well as facilitate access for new users, MONNOS creates SYNC STRATEGY functionality. It consists of giving all APP users the opportunity to make their strategies public, these strategies will be ranked and the user can choose to follow or not.
Through SYNC STRATEGY the MONNOS clients accumulate knowledge with the expertise of others, share his learning by making public the strategies he creates, and even have the option of risk dilution.

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