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re: Stop spreading this misinformation and hate on every post about Tailwind. It is okay for you not to like it, but at least take the time to understa...

Stop spreading this misinformation

I'm not spreading misinformation. I'm saying that separation of concerns is still important, and that things like Tailwind - which is only what we're talking about because it's the flavour of the month - are making the web worse for everyone.

Please please please read this page with an open mind

I have. I read it the last time someone objected to my point. However, it says nothing to convince me it's a good idea. It has a section on "extracting classes", which I've ceded before as being an ok way to work, even if nothing novel - but that's not how people are using it. Including Tailwind themselves.

making the web worse for everyone

This is 100% a personal opinion backed by nothing factual. What you can factually prove is that using Tailwind with Purging (which is baked in by default) will result in smaller CSS bundles, safer-to-edit HTML/components, and significantly simpler CSS cascades and specificity. This is why big platforms are adopting it these days. Seriously, go inspect the source on some pages on GitHub.

I'm saying that separation of concerns is still important

Separation of concerns when it comes to HTML and CSS is laughable. They are inherently bound together and require one another. This is why CSS-in-JS libraries, Vue Single File Components, and Native CSS support in Svelte exist.

When will you ever write HTML without CSS, and when will you ever write CSS that isn't targeting specific HTML? You won't. And, as such, utility frameworks allow you to apply specific CSS directly to your markup in the same way you would use GraphQL to only pull the specific data you need from your API in your component.

I understand that you hate Tailwind and utility frameworks. That is entirely acceptable. But do not shy others away from at least giving it an honest attempt for themselves, and let them come to their own conclusions.

I look forward to our next debate on another post highlighting Tailwind :D

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