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Discussion on: Should I use Linux?

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Ben Sinclair

Different people have different workflows.
I don't like these dropdown terminals because, well, I always have a maximised, tabbed or tiled terminal available anyway.

For this, WSL with Windows Terminal is fine. Yes, it's a little slow when rendering, but since my workflow is to use a browser and a bunch of SSH connections, there's no issue.

Workspaces are not an essential thing. They're something that some people use and some people don't. MacOS and Windows now have native workspaces, but the majority of people don't use them or even understand how to work them.

It's fine that you like certain features, but they're not essential, and they might be wholly inappropriate for someone else depending on their preferences and the type of development they do.

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Nishchal Gautam

These are the type of responses I absolutely hate, "it's not important because I don't use it".

first off, using Linux based OS won't force you to use these, you can still have 1 workspace, and 1 terminal maximized window, but they ALLOW you to be able to work on whatever workflow you want.

secondly, if you read my comment you'd understand, I know mac and windows have workspaces, but that's about it, they added to add it, but nothing about it makes any better. There aren't any shortcuts to move to another workspace, or customize horizontal and vertical workspaces, moving one app from one workspace to another workspace etc.