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Discussion on: Different Markdown Editors, And Why I Use Ulysses

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Ben Sinclair

I might be in the minority here but I like reading markdown as unstyled markdown. I edit in Vim and don't use a previewer because I'm often on a remote system with no GUI and the text-based previewers barely differ from syntax-highlighted markdown anyway - all they do is hide a few indicators like heading, bold, and italic. When I'm editing something, I want to see those formatting characters.

That means that any editor is a markdown editor!

Ulysses Lets You Work Anywhere, Anytime

I bet it doesn't let you work in a remote ssh session. I bet it doesn't let you work on your friend's PC or in an Internet cafe when your Mac gets stolen on your weekend away. I don't understand why people make things and tie them to one platform. Ulysses might be great at some things, but from what I read on their website,functionally it appears to be inferior to pen and paper :) And if you don't keep paying $50 per year it stops working.

Honestly I wish more platforms offered Markdown as a way of entering copy. If you clear HTML and script tags from it it ensures that people aren't pasting in things like Twitter embeds or tracking scripts into unexpected places, and rules for things like heading order are straightforward to validate. You could even do things like re-number headings based on where you were rendering the output without having to parse HTML and hope there's no missing </div>.