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Discussion on: Why I switched to Vim from Visual Studio Code

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Ben Sinclair

I like this post, but I want to throw in with a bit of a pet peeve:

the free version is unrestricted in its feature set, but you just have to deal with that popup and it can be annoying sometimes

From the horse's mouth:

license must be purchased for continued use.

Sublime text is not free, as in either speech or beer, and it never has been. Abusing the trial by using it as if it was free is commonplace, but it's still abuse of the license.

EDIT: I used PHPStorm briefly with its vim emulation and found that to be the best out of all the editors I'd dallied with.

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Ayooluwa Isaiah Author

Ah yes! Wrong choice of words there. I should have said "the unlicensed version". Thanks for pointing it out 👍

In any case, it's hard to justify Sublime's hefty price tag given the depth of features that competitors, such as VS Code, have got nowadays.