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Discussion on: My portfolio need some feedback

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Ben Sinclair • Edited on

I've taken a quick 2-minute look at the page on desktop, but I haven't checked it for responsivity or accessibility. These are just my first impressions:

You start with missing a space between "I am" on the headline - "Iam a web developer".

The "Learn more" CTA needs some whitespace - put some padding above it.

The header navigation is inconsistent - "about" and subsequent links scroll the page, but "portfolio" reloads the page. It would make more sense to make it a scroll-type link and call it "top" or something like that.

Some parts of this page don't look like they were designed with desktop sizes in mind. The extra-wide button, and the text underneath "my skills" are too wide to read comfortably.

The "html5", "css3", "javascript" text-and-icon widgets are very small compared to the space they're taking up, and could do with better margins.

You play around too much with capitalisation and spacing.

"these are some of the projects i have been able to work on with html5,css and vanilla javascript". This is how the text is in your HTML, but you use
text-transform: capitalize; to make it go weird. It displays with artefacts like "Html5,css" which looks bad.

The projects section needs something to separate the screenshots because it's not clear where one ends and another starts - the two on the left have the same background colour!

The "tourist" screenshot looks cropped because of how close "Search Destinations" is to the bottom of the image. I'd edit that text out.

Your contact form uses all caps for the title, "GET IN TOUCH WITH ME", title case for the description, "You Can Send Me A Message Or Call Me" (which is jarring to read ), and then all lowercase for the field labels, "your email:"

"TEL:" has a space after it but "EMAIL:" doesn't.

"these are the technologies i use" is for some reason all lowercase and without punctuation, whereas the preceding sentence is normal.

I'd stick with sentence case all round here ("You can send me a message", "Your email address:", etc.)

The "send" text on the full-width button feels particularly lost.

The footer looks a little too spaced-out and could do with tightening up alignment - the icons look a little too high for the text.
None of it needs (or benefits) from being centred. I'd left-align it all. Capitalisation here is also inconsistent and there's no reason not to make the text into a link rather than just the icon.

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Thanks for all your time and effort to go through it.