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Discussion on: 5 reasons why scrum/agile is not working for you! From the view of an developer

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Martin Kuegler • Edited

"wait with there" should be "wait with their" and the negation is "it doesn't work" not "it not works".
Silent people should not be in meetings? So being loud equals being productive? Strange point of view. In reality you need a good facilitator to shut up the shouters and get the views of the silent members.
I do agree that any non-team member destroys the retrospective, that's real basic. OTOH the absence of such people is no guarantee of a safe space and open discussion. It still takes a lot to get an honest feedback from a retro, especially when it comes to poor coding; the kind that everyone in the team agrees is wonderful and doesn't need any more tests.
Maybe the silent guy had a different view but he was booted.

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Michael "lampe" Lazarski Author

Thanks I will change this

Sorry I don't know what to comment to the rest.
Nothing is ever guaranteed in life 🤷‍♀️

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Martin Kuegler

LoL. True. 😂
Happy new year!

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