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Discussion on: Helping Men in Tech Help Women In Tech

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Moriah Maney

If you had taken the time to look, you'd realize I didn't write this post.

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Sorry, I have replied through e-mail link and was brought straight to reply section.

Justifying generalizations is never good. One must really try to see both sides of the problem before giving into lectures like the one above. It is a problem that the world is going in that direction - too many passionate opinions, but not enough wisdom behind them.

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Judith Author

Thank you for your honest comments. I think we all agree that bad behaviors at work hurt us all (men and women alike). Its so good to hear that your experience at work has been that women are being supported in their professional endeavors! My experience as a woman at work over the last 25 years (more than a decade as a software engineer) has been different. It is my hope and prayer that we all experience the same good fortune as you one day. Namaste!