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Is it possible to nest an array in a JavaScript object?

morrisjohn profile image Morris John twitter logo ・1 min read

So I've gotten to JavaScript objects and it's very cool. Almost cooler than arrays but I've got an issue. I know it's possible to nest objects in arrays and I've done them but I can't seem to do it the other way round.

I've googled this and I haven't gotten a satisfactory response.


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What have you tried so far?

const obj = {
    an_array: []

Should work


What I've been trying to do is


var yes = {
Name: "Morris",
Age: 21

no = [22, 11, 1998]


I've been trying to do the opposite of how you nest objects in Arrays. I'm using Colt Steele's course and he said it's possible to nest objects in arrays but he only showed the other way round.

Forgive me I'm just learning


Formatting requires 3 backticks (`) not apostrophe (') fyi.

And that code won't work as you are missing some commands, each item in an object must be separated by a comma, also there is no =, you use a colon (:)

var yes = {
name: "Morris",
age: 21,
no: [22, 11, 1998]

Thanks. I can't believe the difference between = & : almost made me pull my entire hair out.

I saw mistake was declaring the array within the object with an equal sign (=) instead of a colon(:).

Thanks man


What Ian said is the correct answer. An object needs properties and those properties can have any value. So the property in Ian's answer is "an_array" and the value is the actual array. To retrieved this array in your code, you'd have to use: obj.an_array

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