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Morris John
Morris John

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I'm trying to write the same code in two different computers using VS Code

I'm trying to work on my code every chance I've got. Is it possible to work on the same code using VsCode with two different computers?
If it's possible, what extension would I need?

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Diana Ramirez

google drive might help if you have multiple files.
just zip it up and upload it then when you switch computers, download it and extract it to vscode.
you can do something similar with which can save a copy of your code online, so you don't even have to use vs code, but you can also copy and paste into there and just navigate to the repl url when you switch computers and copy and paste into vscode onto the second computer
lastly is github which is preferred by most i think, but has the highest learning curb. the benefits being that github has become kind of the go-to for people to showcase their coding projects to employers, list it on your resume, and contribute to open source projects that you hold dear. so it might just be worth it to learn git commands and set up your environment on both of your computers

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just-trey • Edited
  1. Setup a GotHub account if you don't have one. You can host private repos so no one can see your code. Just check in and check out as needed on whatever computer you are using.
  2. Download code insiders. it has a feature that allows you to sync your settings across devices via your gitHub account.
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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt
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Sakar Khatiwada

Maybe the Live share feature might help ?

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git ..?

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Ben Calder

I.e. version control. Git just happens to be the most popular these days.
Morris John - See the tutorial if you're not familiar with the concept yet.