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Discussion on: What's the big deal with privacy?

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

Forfeiting privacy is the same as forfeiting control of your own life.

Just look at the end-game scenario in China. Their government has succesfully setup a nationwide video scanning system, as well as compromising phone cameras. They've also introduced a social credit system, whereby doing unsavoury, but not illegal, things can have your daily privileges revoked, such as travel.

Now look at Facebook, not just the cambridge scandal, but before. They're once run an experiment to manipulate the emotions of people. The Cambridge scandal is an extension of this, manipulating the outcome of one or more elections by having excessive information and knowing what people respond to.

You mention incognito mode browsing. Are you comfortable sharing everything you do online with a third-party? Incognito mode does nothing to help.

Are you comfortable knowing your employer could purchase a service that monitors their employees searching for other jobs?

Stolen ID scares you? Well guess what, given access to telecom browsing logs I could probably do that. And well, well, those are for sale. Anonymity is also easy to break if they're sold as "anonymized".

Maybe the judicial system should worry you. Circumstantial evidence is not hard evidence, but without of it a negative picture can be painted for you. Given an individuals full life activity it's relatively easy to pick and choose a timeline that paints a negative picture. Think about that the next time you get pulled over for a minor infraction, if the cop doesn't like you, it becomes easy to build a case against you.