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Do you follow through on the problem as a pair completely to the end? That is, after the meeting room do you sit at a computer (just one) and code the solution as a pair?

I'm asking since I've regularly had programming meetings in pairs, but we've almost always broken up after that meeting. On rare occassions I've had somebody else help me with code, but certainly nothing formal.

That mostly depends on the problem and on the outcome/conclusions of the impromptu meeting: sometimes the conclusion and the decided course of action is so cut-and-dried that, essentially, the problem that was no longer is. In that case, usually only one person continues with the actual implemention. In other cases, the result of the meeting is an avenue to explore via coding, and in that case we continue attacking or unravelling the problem together, behind a computer.

This flexible and adaptable approach sounds entirely reasonable to me.

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