What do you think of an #offthecuff tag for stories written spontaneously and without editing?

edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y on April 19, 2019

I often find myself wanting to write something, but am put off by my own process. I want a tag that conveys my writing has skipped my normal proc... [Read Full]
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I like this idea, if it means more people will post more articles. I love it when I search and find out that someone had already done what I plan to do or experienced the same problem that I'm experiencing (especially if they also SOLVED the issue!).


Honestly, every article I've ever written was "off the cuff". It's just the way I write, even in college (and I was a regular on the Dean's List). I'd write my essay, do a quick read-through to correct any obvious errors, and then go back and create the outline if it was required. On occasion, I'll write my headings first, and then the rest of the article.

I seriously even write most of my books that way. I just do a whole lot more editing in that scenario.


I need to be less thorough in my articles I guess. :)


#healthydebate's been around for a bit but isn't super popular so it's less of a sidebar fixture than #meta, #discuss, or the identity crisis-plagued #explainlikeimfive.

I don't know that extemporaneous posts need a special tag, though. Everybody writes and edits differently, and rigor can easily vary from post to post as well as from person to person. I don't think it's a big deal.


Sounds vaguely familiar to how I approach writing a program 😑 #meta? #IIHE (immediately invoked human expression)? 🤔


I've seen #streamofconsciousness used before, then again it's really hard to spell without stopping to check! :)

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