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Discussion on: Why using a website builder is 'shooting yourself in the foot'

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mosesmbadi Author

Yes,I totally agree with you.But how about in the context of a developer making their own portfolio for example,or a client contracting you for the same?

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yellow1912 • Edited

It depends. Let's say you call yourself a wix, webflow expert, then it makes sense to use the builder for your own website. There are clients who use builders that look for help from developers who know such builders as well.

If you create a site for your client, there are certain advantage of using a builder as well:

  1. It's generally less expensive for them.
  2. It's easier for them to make small changes themselves.
  3. Documents are already available.

Of course, if the site is complex and need features that go beyond what a builder can do then for sure you need to custom code it. However, even in those cases, sometimes it makes sense to use the site builder to create quick prototypes first. If you are familiar with the concept of MVP, then you can see how quick prototypes can help to validate and tweak business concept before real launch.

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Mirela Prifti

Even if the site you want to build is complex, you can still use part of the code generated from Webflow. Many big companies are using it for designing/building user interfaces as it saves valuable time to the whole team (both development & marketing).