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Thank you for your awesome reference. but after tried this process to create docker image I'm getting target does not exist.

An unhandled exception occurred: Project target does not exist
npm ERR! Failed at the xxx@0.0.0 build:ssr script.


Hello moumitabala, it's a angular with server side rendering using universal.

On my package.json I have something like this:

    "scripts": {
        "postinstall": "ngcc --properties es2015 browser module main --first-only --create-ivy-entry-points",
        "dev:ssr": "ng run vitorspace:serve-ssr",
        "serve:ssr": "node dist/vitorspace/server/main.js",
        "build:ssr": "ng build --prod vitorspace && ng run vitorspace:server:production",
        "prerender": "ng run vitorspace:prerender"

I hope this can help you

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