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Hey Adrian in my case i am running an blogger blog where it's full of YouTube videos, what I am doing is using staticaly cdn where I can insert there cdn.statically.io/img/:image_url to optimize images


CDNs that optimize images right out of the box like Cloudinary and Statically are awesome. In cases like yours, CDNs really take a weight off our shoulders.

Are you doing any loading optimization like lazy loading the images?


If you know how to use lazy loading in blogger please tell me how to implement it


No because i am using this blogger platform with a amp theme,still google is not officially enabled amp for blogger platform,struggling a bit to implement things for a fully video blog like mine in i think you know if i add a video from YouTube as blog post it will have 2 URLs one is for image and the second one for YouTube video, in my case image URL is used for thumbnails in homepage and when sharing in social media it will be used

I have spoke with the lots of amp theme creators still they don't know how to make valid YouTube amp post.

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