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Discussion on: Solve All Bugs Or Implement New Features?

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Mike Petty

If car stereo OEMs didn't implement the new features of support for Apple or Android Auto support, or if you didn't add driver support for USB 3 as a silicon vendor, or if after Google photos auto upload Apple didn't follow suit, or if when Apple supported backgrounding or new default apps and you didn't add that feature to your apps, or if you don't update your scanner software to support new barcode types, or if you don't support new industry reporting regulations, or if, or if, or if you could lose business.

I actually have a hard time thinking of a competitive market where if you don't maintain feature parity with competitors that you don't end up losing business.

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Lucas Medeiros Reis Author

Those are good examples!

But one could still argue that it doesn't matter supporting a new protocol, if your product as it is today has serious defects.

Of course, in the long run both are important, and having an obsolete product will drag you out of business. This article is only trying to help people understand the trade-offs when choosing not to at least diagnose every bug as they appear.

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Charles Reace

And the really important thing is that you actually think about it, and don't assume you know which is the right answer until you've done that thinking with the best information you can gather at the time -- which I think is ultimately what we all are saying. :)

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