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Discussion on: Testing of a Custom React Hook for Fetching Data with Axios

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Michael Peyper

Author/Maintainer of react-hooks-testing-library here...

Firstly, thank you so much for wiriting this article. The library follows the all-contributors spec which acknowledges blog posts, so please feel free to submit a PR adding yourself to the table for this.

Secondly, theact warning has been resolved now with the react@^16.9.0 and the @testing-library/react-hooks@^2.0.0 releases. None of the code in this article needs to change to stop the warning from appearing. I've made and updated version of the sandbox to show the tests passing without a warning

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Sebastian Weber Author

Hi Michael, awesome that you responded to me. I'm really happy that a maintainer of brilliant react-hooks-testing-library wrote a comment.
Thanks a lot for letting me know on how to resolve the warning. I updated the article!