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Release 0.4 - Part 3


With both pull requests submitted and one of them being merged recently, we are approaching the final chapters of this journey. This blog, the last one of the release 0.4 trilogy, will be about the process of participating in code reviews for the pull requests.

The issues

1. #issue-2416

While the initial release looks good, some places need improvements:

  • Addressing the problem where the build status get refreshed every 5 seconds
  • Rebasing and moving the code for the build header to a new location to accommodate for the newly added Handlebars feature

For the first problem, the culprit was the 2 toggleAttribute calls inside renderBuildInfo():

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As such, I had to find a workaround to replicate the behaviour, and using "innerHTML" seems to be the best option:

buildHeaderTitle.innerHTML = '';
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For the second problem, I reached out to the classmate who added the templating engine and was able to get him to explain the changes he made. With all of the questions clarified, I referred to the Handlebars documentation and slowly migrated the code to its new location. Once done, I also performed a small test to ensure that the two functions that fetch and render the data were called.

2. #issue-107

As for this pull request, the code review went much more smoothly, with me having to only make minor changes to ensure that it would not cause any errors when built.


And with that, I'm almost done with the release! By the time this blog is up, I still have a little bit more work to do, mostly refining and optimizing #issue-2416 to get it ready for PR. The journey until now was not easy, and I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't contribute as much as I wanted to. Compared to my performance in previous releases, I would give myself only a 6/10, as I felt like I could do more than just taking only two issues. But with that said, I'm still proud of what I have done.

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