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Laravel Breeze - Minimalistic Authentication Scaffolding

Laravel Breeze was released by Taylor Otwell and the Laravel team a few days ago:

I was one of the very few who wasn't so tripped with Jetstream for authentication scaffolding with the release of Laravel 8. I prefer using only Larvel Fortify and then build my own UI components around it.


According to the Github docs

Breeze provides a minimal and simple starting point for building a Laravel application with authentication. Styled with Tailwind, Breeze publishes authentication controllers and views to your application that can be easily customized based on your own application's needs.

This package can be said to be a lightweight simpler version of laravel/ui but uses Tailwind instead of Bootstrap. It has no presets like React or Vue, although that is subject to change in the future.

To get started with the package:

laravel new breeze-auth
cd breeze-auth
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Next, we require the breeze library and run the install commands

composer require laravel/breeze --dev
php artisan breeze:install
npm run install
npm run dev
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Run the migrate command and serve up the project and we should have our application enabled with authentication.

FireShot Capture 109 - Laravel - localhost

It's that simple to use!

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