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Discussion on: Coding Advice I Wish I'd Trusted Earlier

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Great article! I am coming to terms with points 6 and 8 now. Well, trying a mindset shift for learning, and trying to rationalize a decision to quit a good-paying warehouse job to try and carve out more space for coding. But I had a question for you, as a beginner myself.

I'm a little overwhelmed re: my learning path. I originally tried following freeCodeCamp's Coronavirus Quarantine Developer Handbook
but this lost my attention for one reason or another. I believe it's still a good resource and will refer to it once I am finished with my current course. But opportunities

I'm actually learning web dev through Colt Steele's WBC 2021 right now though. And trying to engage with communities/other resources to fill in the blanks.

Should I worry so much about what I'm learning? I guess every employer has a different stack, is another way to look at it, rather than feeling overwhelmed or that I'm not learning the right things for m πŸ˜…

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Sandra Spanik Author

I think you answered your own question spot on in the last paragraph. There are so many different stacks to learn, that you will end up feeling overwhelmed if you attempt too many at once. It's best to stick to one thing at a time.

And no, you shouldn't worry too much about exactly what it is you're learning. I believe that anyone who is, like us, from a non-coding background, will be surprised, even a bit taken aback at just how many jobs there are going in tech. There's new job listings every day, so you don't have to worry that the technology you're learning won't be marketable.

Having said that, some stacks are more "in vogue" than others atm. You can't go wrong with a MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node), for example. I'd recommend you learn:

  • backend: Express, Node (JS) or Flask (Python) and 1 database with ORM (Postgres or MongoDB)
  • frontend: React or Vue (but not before learning regular DOM manipulation and how to work with APIs)

That's more than enough to land you your first tech role. :)