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Vitalii Kiiko
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Release of Builderius 0.9.5!

I am happy to announce the release of the new version of Builderius! This is a new-gen site builder for WordPress. You can download it from plugin's repo:

We, my team and I, advertise Builderius as the professional site builder for WordPress. The key points which support this statement:

  • Builderius is precise and outputs only those HTML tags which are added; it is like manual coding of HTML layout - full control over output;
  • Builderius has built-in support of GraphQL; to get any data from DB is very easy, even the complex one like post with custom fields and user data attached - everything in one query!

Starting from version 0.9.5 Builderius has a built-in implementations of version control system for all settings and continuous delivery system. It is a huge step forward reliability and flexibility!

We have videos on our YouTube channel:
Builderius documentation:

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