Could PHP fade away near future?

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I don't use php anymore!!

I usually hear those words from my friends who used to be PHP hardcore developers. I am still using PHP and feel confident using PHP. But why? Most of the developers gave up PHP and use other languages.

And I have read this article PHP Could Fade Away in Next Decade

Please let me know your opinions.

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I think the writer of that Medium article is not taking the language development process seriously? PHP7 was a huge undertaking. They were also able to increase PHP performance by 3-4 times? The fact that the only "major" feature-add for PHP8 is a JIT compiler should not be a negative. The language is continuing to grow and expand. He talks about needing "two ecosystems" based on the problem you need to solve, meanwhile PHP has been a wrapper for other ecosystems as long as I can remember?


Just found this gem where the writer compare code execution speeds between PHP4 and PHP8 (with and without the JIT enabled) - blog.krakjoe.ninja/2019/10/php-pas...


Yep. I have just read that article. By the way, thanks for your replys.

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