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9 Ways to Pass Drupal Acquia Site Studio Certification

One of the most popular Drupal developer examinations is the Site Studio 6.x Exam. This exam verifies that your Site Studio Drupal concepts are clear and that you are qualified to work on Drupal projects. This exam also validates that you are professionally expert to work and deliver the project as well as you have good understanding of Acquia and Drupal Platform.

Acquia has a number of different levels and examination modules. In this article, we'll look at how to pass the Acquia Site Studio 6.x Exam. What are the resources available for preparation, how can we apply for exam, types of question can be asked in examination, how its certification is useful and some of the important links for reference as well as the Pro tips which can help you at the time of examination?

Examination Syllabus:
Site Studio examination divided into 5 sections with every section having its own percentage criterion as
mentioned below:

1. Website Settings and Configuration - 20%
2. Using the Style Builder - 15%
3. Building the Structure of a Site - 20%
4. Using and Creating Components - 30%
5. Miscellaneous Concepts - 15%
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visit: Study Guide

Exam specific information:

The exam is one hour long (60 minutes) and has 40 questions.
Multiple-choice questions will be asked (Multiple Choice Question).
A question can have a single valid answer or numerous correct responses.
There may be scenario-based inquiries, such as "How will XYZ be done if the client wants to undertake XYZ?"
You may be asked to select steps to build varied functions, etc., in questions based on steps with multiple choice correct answers.
For questions, there are no negative marks.
A minimum passing score of 65 percent is required. In other words, you must properly answer 26 of the 40 questions.
You have a second chance if you failed the first time.

Exam Pro Tip:

- There's a good probability that the question will be based on the data and statistics presented. You will have an advantage if you have some basic Drupal understanding.
- One of the most important things is time management. Spend no more than 1.5 minutes on a question.
- A good or intermediate command of the English language is required. A good command of the English language is required. Because the exam is being conducted in the United States, the
paper language is at that level. The majority of questions are not straightforward, but having a good command of the English language might assist you in understanding the technique behind the question and determining the proper alternative.
- Arrive at the examination hall at least an hour or half an hour ahead of time. Alternatively, if you're only having one. If you're taking an online exam, be sure you have a webcam set up on
your computer.
- Listen to music and relax instead of studying or preparing for the exam 2-4 hours before the exam.
- There are also two exam retakes available.

Exam Preparation:

There is no other mantra for passing such an exam except Practice! Practice! And then there's Practice!

According to this link:, which contains the course specifics and documentation, you must study all of the documents thoroughly without skipping any minor details. Even Pro Tips, such as Green Background Color Tips, or Alerts, such as Yellow Background Color Tips, are crucial.

Green Info
Red alert

You may ensure that you will not fail the exam by thoroughly reading the documentation and comprehending it. Understanding the question is very crucial, because even a simple question can be
complicated, and all alternatives appear to be correct at first glance.

As the saying goes, theory teaches us nothing, but real >experiences help us comprehend things better.

Acquia has followed this principle, and unexpectedly, Acquia has provided us with a sample account to practice the things listed in the literature, and it's pretty simple to set up. We'll go over how to do so later, but first remember that

> Not only should you read the documentation, but you should also
practice on a demo account.

While practicing in the sandbox or on a sample account, make sure you master the cohesion menus and their step-by-step process. There's a chance they'll inquire about where you can get X module. Where can you view the Y functionality, for example? It doesn't matter what X and Y are.

How to Plan for Preparation:

1. First, focus on the area of the syllabus that has the lowest percentage of students. Follow the steps in the practical technique, study the documentation, and test in a sandbox account. The steps to create a sandbox account are outlined below.
2. Then, one by one, work your way through the syllabus, starting with the lowest percentage syllabus and working your way up to the highest percentage syllabus.
3. If you follow practical technique and devote at least 4–5 hours to studying this module, you should be able to prepare for the exam in around 15–30 days.
4. When you've finished with everything, practice configuring components and templates with Drupal View, as most scenarios-based questions come from this module.

How to setup demo Site Studio?

1. Visit Request Demo Sandbox account to sign up.
2. Validate the email address and follow the email's instructions.
3. After that, your demo account will be set up, and you'll be good to go.
4. You will be given a link to a demo account, which you will be able to access from any system by
logging in with the credentials provided by Acquia through email.

How to apply for examination:

1. Visit Create Account for Acquia Examination to new account.
2. Then go to and register.
3. Choose a Module and then a test.
4. Choose the type of exam after you've chosen an exam. Exams can be conducted both online and in person.
5. Then make your payment.
6. The hall ticket for the same will now be sent to you through email as well as in your account.
7. That set has been reserved for you.

What to do after exam completion?

1. After you've completed the examination, you'll be notified of the results right away.
2. If you passed, your record will be updated here after 24 hours:
Acquia certification Registry. Simply apply the filter, and your name, along with other pertinent information, will appear.
3. You will also receive a certificate if you pass the exam. Along with the certificate, you will receive the Acquia Badge, which you can proudly display wherever.

Learning Reference Link:

1. Acquia's main site is located at
2. Site Studio documentation is available at After logging in,
you'll be able to access a number of video tutorials on the subject.

Important Reference Link:

1. Study Guide:
2. Complete Documentation:
3. Demo Site: OR
4. Exam Registration:
5. Certification Registry:

Conclusion (9 WAYS):

1. Read the entire manual without skipping a beat.
2. Practical experience is required; without it, passing this exam would be difficult.
3. In a sandbox account, create a Demo blog section, header template, menu templates, components, and play around with settings; the more you experiment, the better you understand.
4. Remember that the exam questions are the trickier portion, therefore having a good grasp of the English language will be beneficial.
5. Never do any studying the night before an exam. Simply relax and take it all in.
6. There will be multiple choice and single choice questions, with a total exam time of 60 minutes and 40 questions. There will be no negative marking.
7. Always read the question twice before choosing an answer, because most of the time all of the answers appear to be correct.
8. Never underestimate a two-word sentence; you never know when it will become a question, and you will need to respond.
9. Finally, repeat step 1 on a daily basis. Point 1 will assist you in a case where you are stuck and have no idea what to do; it is the most basic portion of the module.

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