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Project Implementation.

There are usually so many moving parts in a project. I’d better get started the sooner. Have you ever had this very awesome idea? Well mine was one that I had after a long argument with a friend (I still think it's awesome so I’d better not jinx it). It gave me chills thinking of how we’d pitch the idea, get the app running and roll with the big fish. I even started looking for amazing sports cars around, spoiler alert; I settled for this dope Mitsubishi Lancer, with spoilers of course.

The point is, due to lack of prior knowledge about the whole process the only lancer I got was a freelancer job telling people how I almost made a million bucks. I know better now and this, my friends, is all you need to do.

Before anything, I would like to caution you not to get overly excited about your idea. Simply because building an app or any other thing requires focus and patience. Without these two, your idea will always remain a pipe dream.

Identify the problem your app solves.

There are so many apps in the market. And for you to outperform your competitors, you need to solve a problem that they haven’t. Shocked? Don’t be. Assume that you aren’t the only person who has thought of that idea. The difference will lie ultimately on how you design your app to problem solve. Just so you know Facebook was not the first social media platform.

Identify your target audience.

There are very many prospective customers, scholars, professionals and potential job candidates. It is important to always assume you have competitors. That way you will find a way to meet your clients' needs in a way your competitors can't.

Decide on features and basic design elements of your app.

Do you want a bot to query users once they land on your site? Do you want to put animations or specialized text? For instance, if you develop an app that receives text as the input, you may want to consider some languages like Arabic which uses the RTL format.

Layout your vision clearly so that you can communicate with the design and development team effectively.

Figure out who will develop your app.

Are you going to do it alone? Are you going to hire freelancers or will you look for an in-house team? Should you choose a team to develop your app, make sure that you communicate with them and come up with a strategic plan in place to see the app through development to finally launching. Every part of your project being put together is done behind the scenes.

Accomplish small tasks at a time. Trying to build the whole app in one go is very overwhelming. Take
your time to celebrate each task completed and get the morale to move on to the next task.

Test your app.

Try out building a demo app or a prototype for your app. It will enable the developer to know the glitches and the bugs that are in the code. While testing, you could get key info on the demographics of the market your targeting. This will help make the app customized to the desire of the user.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO can be seen as how you choose to brand your app. It involves a lot of things such as name of the app, keywords used in the app, images and graphics, google analytics score, safety of the app and a lot more. A good SEO can make your downloads increase exponentially.

Launch your app.

Engage the marketing team. At this juncture, your app is ready to be shared with your audience. TA-DA! Your dream just came true.

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