Apart from Dev, Code and other technical stuff whats your hobby?

Mohd Samgan Khan on July 01, 2019

Every developer has some personal things he/she loves to do in his/her leisure time. For example, I love to write poems and stuff. I created a webs... [Read Full]
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When it's not some variation of "writing code" I'm usually cooking, rock climbing, or doing something related with fantasy football.

Just recently bought a sewing machine to start making my own outdoor gear, too!


There are like... five(?) different types of climbing:

Top-rope - when the rope is going through a pulley or some such thing at the top of the wall.

Sport - where the rope is on the ground and you clip into protection as you climb.

Trad - where the rope is on the ground and your place your own protection to clip into as you climb.

Speed - there's a pre set top-rope route where people compete to see who can climb it the fastest.

Bouldering - shorter (but often harder) climbs that are only like max 12 feet and above mats, so you don't need a rope.

thanks for the reply mate...
nice piece of information.


I go to gym everyday, play some multiplayer games and go for trekking once in a while


Hmm... Where to start?

Biggest for me is probably gaming (World of Tanks and Generation Zero are my two big ones right now, though that will change very quickly when Borderlands 3 comes out), quickly followed by anime (mostly shonen, occasionally other stuff too). I also play Magic the Gathering and a number of tabletop RPG's (both as a player and a GM), cook, and on rare occasion go out to the local gun range (maybe I'm weird, but I find practicing my marksmanship to be cathartic). I'm a bit lucky though in that I have a lot of free time for someone my age despite working full time.


I do a lot of stuff in my leisure-

  1. Watch Netflix/Amazon prime videos
  2. Read on Kindle
  3. Watch random videos on youtube
  4. Walk alone for hours thinking
  5. Read the articles from my huge bookmark list
  6. Bike riding and spend some time with friends at random places to chill
  7. Play games like Skyrim, Pubg and many more PC games.

I go to the gym, box and play football (soccer). I actually do very little code in my own time. I prefer things this way.


wish I could have done that. I am more of an inside the house guy.


Fountain Pens and Novel Writing. I have quite a few pens and the writing experience for writing novels just makes me feel amazing.


I usually read, sometimes climb indoors, singing and I'm learning to play the violin ☺️

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