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Automated Vulnerability Scanner

I had the chance to be one of the interns in one of the most famous cybersecurity company in my country. During my end of studies internship i am charged to develop a tool ( a Vulnerability Scanner ) to test to measure the level of security awareness in one company where the officer will run our tool in the internal network and it will do all the process automatically from scanning the network and identify and the devices connected and the service running on it then search for the most adeaquate vulnerability and try to exploit it and finally our scanner will generate a fully detailed report that help the cybersecurity team to identify their weakness and try to fix them .

Our scanner is fully developed with Python and Bash Scripting and for the dashboard to show the report and the results we are using kibana ( ELK Stack).

Link to Code

I want to think all the company that provide me with the support to release my project and my intern mate without him i cant achieve this goal .And i want to think Github to provide me with the student pack #githubsdp that i use it to deploy my tool on the cloud and to test it before deploy on the company infrastructure ( i cant mention the company name for the privacy policy )

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