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Vim that!!

I vim
You vim
He/She vims
we vim
You vim
they vim


Vim's powerful. (I love vim)
Vim's easy. (I use vim on daily basis)

I bet you agree JUST with the first statement, don't you?

Well, let me just explain something and we'll talk about vim being easy or hard.

It's all about understanding the key-parts

In order to leverage the most of vim without spending a lot of time, we need to be smart.

How to talk to vim

Let's get started with an extremely important part.
vim has three important things that are surely required steps to master it.

  1. Verbs
  2. Modifiers
  3. Nouns
# sample.txt

Line 1 before comma, after comma.
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I open the file sample.txt and I put my cursor on the f of before.

If I type dt,, sample.txt will turn into:

# sample.txt

Line 1 be, after comma.
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Let's break dt, down:

  1. d (verb): delete
  2. t (modifier): until
  3. , (noun): comma

It makes a lot more sense now!
dt, -> delete until the next ,

What's next ?

I'll leave it there.

You can easily look for vim verbs/modifiers/nouns on google.


vim is about continuous learning on a daily basis, at least from my point of view.

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