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Marissa Stinson
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Its my website and I can cry if I want to.

   As I get older my interest in design has just grown. I have always been very artistic or when it came to team projects I was always the one who created the poster board or threw the power point together. That is a desire that always came natural for me and something that I always felt confident in giving my input in.  My website is very, ME. That’s how its suppose to be right? I feel like from the very beginning of this project that I had a general understanding in my head of how I would present myself into this website. I think I have been able to follow through with it well, but definitely had some struggle to achieve it. 
My style is very clean and crisp. I am not a fan of busy nor am I a fan of a lot of different colors on the same page. I have been put in positions where I had to present something not so much my taste and actually been quite pleased with the outcome. But for my personal website, I wanted it to have my personal style to it. With that being said, from the beginning I did not really like the idea of every time I clicked on a tab it would direct me to a new page. I suppose that is something I have appreciated in websites when the tabs being opened can remain on the same page, or everything can be accessible without having multiple windows or having to back out of pages. When I first tried to express this I went with the idea of having a navigation bar and figured that there will be a code that will make pages link to certain tabs right there on my page. It wasn't until I finished the navigation bar and went to search for that piece of code that it wasn't there. Not in CSS or HTML, the things that I had any practice with. JavaScript did have something to offer though. So, JavaScript, I had not touched that yet. But that’s okay, because throwing myself out there to try to do it anyways it what helped me learn. Just what the role JavaScript plays in development. I mean, I had heard and read it over quite a bit but it didn't click until I actually had the codes in front of my face and had to break them down so I can personalize the codes to work with my websites. This was a proud moment for me. In the screenshot I attached is me in the process of taking out the navigation bar and replacing it with JavaScript tabs. 
Other than that, another thing that I spent more time then I wanted too was FONTS. Fonts are so important though! I would “Google” fonts to use and a lot of sites would say CSS friendly fonts or HTML fonts and would advertise as if they were compatible but every time I tried to plug it in, Nothing. I though to myself that it was fonts, I mean, simple. So, I really did not want to ask and just really wanted to figure it out myself. Failed. I gave in and asked a T.A. who pretty much said, let me show this as a class. Made me feel a little better because it was something that needed to be taught. In the end, he showed me Google Fonts which was like heaven to me. All these non basic, beautiful fonts. I was so excited. I learned that there is an HTML code to post in your index as well as the CSS code to make it work. I got it down now. 
I am not quite finished yet but so close and cannot wait to see my finished product. Awesome or not, I will still be so proud and have a new appreciation for web developers because the website I created was some WORK! 

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