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What Are In A Corporate Identity Package?

Getting a corporate identity package is the most practical way to go when you are starting a company. This is a great investment.

Starting a business involves so many things. There are so many matters that an entrepreneur has to consider. There are products and services that need to be perfected. Satisfying the potential users or consumers must be the main goal. In today’s business landscape, serving the customers well should be the primary approach. Making money should only be considered as the aftermath of a great product and service. This is the bottom line on how to make a brand really strong on the market.

Why do you need a corporate identity package? Let’s contextualize it this way. A bad product and a terrible service won’t make money. It would also damage a company’s reputation. As such, the products and services should be business elements that the entrepreneur should focus on. Then there is a venue to consider. Whether you are selling products or services, you will need a physical space to do business. A store for the former is necessary and an office for the latter.

Another important element: the employees. They have to be hired and trained for the job. This is very important, too, because the employees will be the company’s representatives. Those are a lot to handle, right? Well, your work doesn’t end there. There are so much more. However, there are also companies that can help out. By help, it really means hire. What’s really great about it is that it can really make your life easier.

What business components can you depend on another company? Branding!

Corporate Identity Package

For most entrepreneurs, branding is out of their depth. When it comes to products and services, in most cases, entrepreneurs start that business because it is within their wheelhouse. Branding, though, is something different.

Branding seems like something that only large companies can afford. That’s actually a myth. Branding isn’t about the size of the company. Branding is actually about business in general.

In essence, every business should think about branding at the planning stage because there are so many components that are actually needed at the start. One of those components is the logo, which is an essential part of the business. It is the company’s visual representation.

That’s a major part of the corporate identity package. As a matter of fact, a logo also has its own set. There are logo design packages that you should also consider. This is how complicated branding is. This is why it’s more practical hiring a branding company when you start your business. Just imagine having a package within a package.

What are included in the logo design packages? There is the logo design per se. This is the main logo design. The other elements in the package are matters of formatting. For example, there are parts in the business where you need the logo to be in a vertical mood. You don’t actually need to overhaul the logo. You just need to make changes in the dimension.

There are also other factors to consider. In the case of a horizontal composition, there is a wide area for the logo. This way, you can also include the name of the company below the symbol. This is particularly necessary for startups because their names aren’t recognizable yet.

Where do you usually use the logo with the name of the company? There is the store front, stationeries or letterheads and some products where it’s needed. For vertical arrangements, it may be necessary to remove the name of the company. Think of a bookmark. Having the name there would make the top of the bookmark too heavy. Not that you would really need a bookmark in the company, the bookmark just provides a better picture.

That’s not all. There are also logos needed as icons. This means that the logo should be in a really small format. The logo designer will know because this is their field of expertise.

Do you see now the importance of getting a package for the logo? Now, the logo is not the only thing about the company.


Now that you already have the face of the company through the logo, there are other components in a company identity package. If you are selling products, you will need to have a catalog. This is something that you can give companies that can be your prospective clients as well as individuals. The purpose of giving catalogs to companies is that they might want to order a product from you in bulk. As for the individuals, the catalog allows them to browse first and see if there are things they are willing to buy from your store.

If you have services and you want people to call on you, then you should also have a brochure to hand out. These can also be given to both companies and individuals. The catalogs and brochures should showcase more than just your products and services. It should also showcase your brand. The brand is the image of the business that you want to portray to your audience and the public. It has to be strategic. You can’t create a brand based on what comes up in your mind first. It has to be properly curated.

The image should also be in sync with what your company is actually offering. You know how some companies offer their mission, vision and core principles? These are not just empty words. These also define the company. More importantly, they also shape the personality of the company.

The branding company will help you create that brand identity. That’s another part of the corporate identity package. One way to really craft the brand identity is by knowing the target audience of the products and services. When you know the market, it would be easier for you and the branding firm to create that identity.

This identity should also carry through the website.

Now, some branding firms are just that— a branding company. This means that they will just create the identity for you in various forms. This means that you get branding on paper and online. In this case, you would need to hire a separate company that will create the website based on the important components outlined by the branding firm.

Still, there are branding companies that also do websites. It’s like a one-stop shop. It’s also more practical for you. This way, your stress will be minimized. Online presence is not just about the website, though. There are also social media accounts to consider. Your words in these social media platforms should also be consistent with your company identity.

When you get a company identity package, there will be consistency in everything. This means that there will be a stamp of your company in every material related to your business. Consistency is very important in branding.


Through getting the right corporate identity package services, your chance of getting to the top of the competition line is great. So, you have to find a service provider now. If you want a recommendation, you can try Ramotion. Contact them today!

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