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When Using An Ide/Editor

Here are some tips about installing and using ide's & editors.

An editor is a tool for writing code. An Ide (integrated development environment), provides us more comprehensive features (like debugging, terminal etc) alongside the editing feature.

Before Installing

  • Before you start, get some info about the ide or editor you want to use.
  • But do not get lost in the details. Some installs are pretty easy.
  • Install the compatible files for your operating system. (32/64 bit, Win 7/10, Mac Os X, Linux etc)
  • Be sure to set up environment variables correctly on your system.
  • Some programming languages need to connect with the ide properly so be carefull when choosing options on language installer.
  • If there is an extension for your programming language, find & add it.
  • Some extensions requires re-downloading so do not download lots of extensions and clog up the system.
  • Be, work/project-oriented.
  • If you need help, get online, watch videos, read documentation etc.
  • Some languages need a special working environment, so set up the working environment as stated.
  • Do not set-up working environment in another place, you can get en error stating that ide does not see the environment.
  • Some languages need a specified version to work with. If the program is leading us to a different version, consider that.


  • If elements written above is not properly done it is possible that we can have some difficulties using our ide or editor.
  • Sometimes it is a version problem, sometimes an operating system issue and sometimes it is a problem we don't know or even understand.
  • In those situations read the error and try to understand it, even work on it.
  • Try to find a solution using a search engine or a site like stackoverflow.
  • Include the error fully in a complete manner as written.
  • Sometimes an error can be solved in several steps. You solve an issue but you get another one.
  • Don't think like there is only one cause to the problem.
  • Sometimes problems merge but it seems like one problem. Beacuse of that, we need to solve those issues step by step.

When Coding

For beginners, the coding process should be like that:
(meaning on an ide or editor when learning tutorials)

1 - Write the Code.
2 - Save it.
3 - Run it with terminal/bash or powershell.

  • Get some info about bash, terminal, cmd, powershell and some basic commands.
  • Check your code continuously
  • Make sure it is written correctly.
  • Choose, proper variables and functions.
  • Consider syntax and semantics.
  • Don't forget to save the changes and don't run it without saving.
  • Read the code examples given on tutorials throughly, don't fudge!
  • Do not rush when coding, be patient, move step by step.
  • Do not overwhelm yourself, remind yourself to take a break.

Note: They say coding is like poetry. Just one mistake and you break down the harmony, similarly in programming a semicolon or a misspelled character may cause a bug.

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