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Discussion on: J.A.R.V.I.S is now READY!

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Seems like you didn't get what I meant to say. Here is an example.

if status == "stupid":
    print("I am stupid")
    print("I am still stupid")

Will you call this an AI?🙄 In that sense EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM EVER WRITTEN WITH IF ELSE IS AN ai. 😑

Does that sounds right? I don't think so. 😖

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DriveDownHigh • Edited

I definitely understand your point but still when it does tasks, that a human would also do and seems in some sense human-like while doing so then it is a form of weak-AI, even if the code is as simpel as some if-else statements. See the code for ELIZA it is super simpel and still a form of AI.

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