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You are not "Alone"

Are you a developer who...
➡ Got stuck solving an easy programming problem?
➡ Wrote a code more than 100 lines and when compiled got more than 1000 errors?
➡ Can't figure out solutions quickly?
➡ Didn't code for a week and forgot how to print hello world in the console?
➡ Get depressed when you can't solve any programming problem?
➡ Got overwhelmed when you first opened your IDE?
➡ Get's scared by bigger codes?
➡ Think himself not good enough for programming?
➡ Often think programming is not for you?
➡ Can't find out solutions for the problems in Google?
➡ Often think of quitting programming?
➡ Regularly gets frustrated for not writing good enough codes?

Then great! Cause you are not alone. Do you remember the first cuts you got while learning to walk(probably you won't)? And the day when you almost got drowned in the water when first tried swimming without help? After all those years, look at yourself now. You can walk, you can run, you can swim. Just like that, the problems mentioned above are the baby steps of programming.

I am pretty sure all the professional developers have faced multiple of them. And more importantly, they are facing this kind of problem every day. But the thing is they are used to it. This is just a part of programming.

So, the next time you face this kind of problem just remember that you are not alone. And if others can solve it why can't you? You need to survive the whole run to get the ultimate reward.

(Did I missed any problems that you faced when you just got started? Comment it below.)

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