AWS Lightsail for Beginners - 19 Video Tutorials

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Lightsail is a great platform for setting up quick WordPress sites and other web applications. To help walkthrough the various features of Lightsail, extend the platform and instances in a way that it can be used efficiently, I've created a set of YouTube videos that are aimed at helping beginners and developers that use apps like WordPress. Here are list of videos that hope you will find useful.

  1. Using Lightsail to setup back WordPress instance:

  2. Setup Lightsail instance with ServerPilot cloud management to host multiple apps on one instance:

  3. Setup SSH Client and Free SSL Certs for your website

  4. Setup PHPMyAdmin for your Database management, Setup VS Code, Setup FTP

  5. Setup monitoring uptime for your website

  6. Protect and Speed up your WordPress sites

  7. How to create a Lightsail instance from a Snapshot

  8. Setup Lightsail instance with RunCloud cloud-based host management. This is an alternative to ServerPilot and offers better Free tier.

  9. Setup VaultPress with WordPress. Vaultpress is a backup and security solution for your WordPress website. From a backup point of view, it can take snapshots of your site and content and allow you to restore those directly to your website. Security wise, it can protect from malware, hacking attempts and other vulnerabilities.

  10. Setup a Load Balanced WordPress site using Lightsail - Part 1

  11. Setup a Load Balanced WordPress site using Lightsail - Part 2

  12. Setup a Load Balanced WordPress site using Lightsail - Part 3

  13. Setup Lightsail instance with Plesk Host Management:

  14. Setup a Custom Domain based email:

  15. Use AWS Amplify to quickly host a static website:

  16. How to update a multi instance Load Balanced WordPress website. If you followed my videos on setting up a Load Balanced site then this video extends as a Part 4 to update WordPress files or Plugin updates.

  17. How to secure your Lightsail instance with IP based Port restriction:

  18. How to automate Lightsail Snapshot creation as a backup method:

  19. How to setup a Lightsail instance and CapRover Host Management tool. This is a fourth option I show using a host management tool for your needs. This is a free open source solution and is great alternative to RunCloud, Plesk and others.

I have some other vidoes focused on tips and tricks in WordPress as well as other hosting platforms like Azure. You can find them here.
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