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Discussion on: Understanding The Box Model in CSS

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Mike Ekkel

What are the similarities here? Just trying to understand if it's indeed been copied.

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Stephanie Handsteiner • Edited on

Albeit not copied word by word, it's stylistically very much similar, up to the point where he gives the exact same »debugging tip« (with the border: 1px solid red;) as she does in hers.

e.g. the TL;DR's:


TLDR; every website is a bunch of rectangular boxes nested inside other rectangular boxes. Boxes everywhere.


This is a box. This is another box. Here are some more boxes. Here are some tiny boxes. Here are some more boxes. Let's add some more boxes. And as you see this evolve, you might start to realize that it's starting to look incredibly like the layout of a webpage. And these are the boxes we're going to be talking about today.

Just a little too much coincidence, that an article in a similar style pops up about a month after CodeLand 2021. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Mohamed El Amine Yamani Author

This is actually funny, whatever I say wouldn't be believed given the similarities lol. Which is understandable.

I can't prove to you that this is the first time I hear of CodeLand, or that article you mentioned. But I will say it again, my article was not copied.