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re: Advent of Code 2019 Solution Megathread - Day 3: Crossed Wires VIEW POST

re: The only thing I can see right off the bat is that you’re checking for vertical/horizontal via start/end points, but you could have kept that infor...

you could have kept that information (UDLR) alongside the line segment definition

d'oh that would have made things much more readable.

I was complaining to a coworker that I've done collision detection for 2d games before, and this felt similar, but is sort of like "hard mode" because I didn't necessarily know which endpoint of each line was on the left/right or top/bottom. Keeping that info would have made things more straightforward!

It’s why I love working with people who know the same codebase as me! When you PR or rubber duck, you often get some perspective that makes the “ugly” bits fall into place that you were too close to see!

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