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Discussion on: There's no such thing as a full stack developer

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I enjoyed reading, I agree there is no full stack developer, considering facts like performance, security, os specifics, networking, domain knowledge etcs.
It's the word "full stack" gives wrong impression. Even Linus torvolds had take time to understand high level application. So as you have mentioned "Specialization is Important" so he sticks to his Specialization so he can clearly isolate and focus on only os specifics. So what these terminology full stack means, it's the knowledge to merge the tasks between different layers and get things done quickly, hopefully isolate after release or redesign. Hmmm this process is not software engineering but it's greedy development forced to make just get things done with reusable frameworks, tools. Now what potentially could go wrong or backfire is the maintenance, security, performance, bug patching, application scalability (definitely) poor core design.
Now good part is first get the things done. This will be great fit for startups who can experience business without investing more time and money.
May be full stack developer should be termed as full prototype developer.

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very well said man