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Discussion on: Good Bye Web APIs

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Manuel Vila Author • Edited

I think the misunderstanding comes from the fact that we are not building the same kind of applications.

I cannot speak about building an application for millions of users. I've never done that. I build small-to-medium applications and I designed Layr for this use case.

So Layr is probably not good for Stripe, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But I believe it is great for the vast majority of developers that don't work on large-scale applications.

Thanks for pointing that out. I edited the "What's the catch?" section to make it clear that Layr is not made for large-scale applications.

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Derk-Jan Karrenbeld

It would be helpful if experienced people stopped making statements that are opinions as if they're fact. This only spreads misinformation and less experienced people are going to take it at face value and run with it.

Good luck with the endeavour.