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Discussion on: Changing your name is a hard unsolved problem in Computer Science

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Mark Warner • Edited

I confess I had never thought of the now-obvious ramifications of this issue for
trans people, but given the disproportionate number of women who use the apps I have developed I have at least since ~2004 tried to make it relatively simple to change one's name. The apps I developed in my first professional programming job were almost exclusively used by women for the first two years, and more than one of them had a name change during that period, so fungible names was a basic requirement. It's taken a lot of forms over the years, but now I have a fairly simple schema now that uses an array of hashes containing personal info, for which the last index is always the current and authenticatable version. But still...I see I can make it better by adding pronouns and honorifics into that hash, and absolutely forbid the re-use of old identities.