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Discussion on: a first look at svelteKit

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Yes, this is a great concept. I have tried sveltekit and Snowpack is a dream. But the project is turning into a never-ending-story. When should there be a beta version? In December 2020? In January 2021? February 2021? I'm afraid by now that it will never be finished. Just like Sapper.

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ajcwebdev Author

I think it's reasonable to expect a broad picture of where a project is going and when it will be stable, but I think it's unreasonable to expect open sources projects of this nature to have specific "release dates" in the way we think of releasing traditional software.

And to your point about Sapper, I know many people with Sapper apps who are perfectly happy with them, so the idea that Sapper was "never finished" doesn't make any sense because there are projects built with Sapper that exist in the world.

The question of when the team feels like svelte-kit is polished enough to be called "1.0" or "General Availability" or whatever is going to be up to them. Only they will know when the project is in a stable state.

To me this comes with the territory of using software I'm not paying for, I'm not in a position to dictate the timeline. Asking them to put a date on it is counterproductive. Others are welcome to disagree but that's my philosophy.